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Jennifer herself has worked in  Spain since the early 1990’s, working tirelessly creating a very successful insurance company, with the Head Office in Javea, a Renewal Office in Els Poblets, and a further five offices on the Costa Blanca and one in Lanzarote.

Jennifer is well known for her Sound Advice articles in the newspapers and her Sound Advice Programme, once a month on Bay Radio, where she is refreshing for her straight forward talking regarding her experiences and knowledge of the insurance industry in Spain, with special emphasis for the Expats and what they need to be beware of and the benefits of insuring with her company.

Combine this expertise and experience with her old fashioned values of honesty, integrity and professionalism, she has earned herself a very good reputation and a thriving business.

Having experienced many aspects of life, and like others, made her mistakes whilst living in Spain, Jennifer is very sensitive to the needs of the Expats and always tries to guide them using her vast knowledge and selecting professionals to work alongside her.

For a number of years, Jennifer has been offering specialists that she herself has chosen to provide the full range of services required by the Expats, including solicitors and financial advisors. Jennifer’s Sound Advice Surgeries provide you with the chance to have an initial appointment which is free.

Due to Jennifer’s vast knowledge of Spain and her personal experiences and success, she was delighted to be approached by an established estate agent from the UK, who also had experience of running a business in Spain.  After a period of time, it was decided that to complete the full range of services to the Expats that Jennifer’s company offers already, Philip Hinkley and herself formed a joint property SL company, Jennifer Cunningham Properties SL, which has now become part of the Expat Services.

We have a number of other companies in collaboration, along the coast, including banks and developers, which is all very exciting.  The vast experience that Philip is able to bring to this business, combines very well with Jennifer’s ethos and values.  Both directors are confident that the future, especially with the advent of Brexit and more people within Europe but especially from the UK, wishing to relocate to Spain, means a busy time ahead.  There is also the benefit that Philip Hinkley’s British company provides the support for selling any properties in the UK.

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