Retirement communities in Spain…

Facts about Spanish Retirement Villas

Looking for senior housing often involves seeking a new home that has many of the features of your old home, but with additional services, such as on-site medical staff, exercise facilities, security, meals, recreational activities, and more.

Retiring to a Spanish villa will offer all these amenities along with many other perks. Those interested in this type of retirement home typically desire the following:

  • Relaxed lifestyle
  • Pleasant climate
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • Excellent heath care
  • Variety of recreational activities


What are the benefits of Spanish retirement villas? Those who live in this type of retirement home easily sing its praises.

  • Good climate – This is especially beneficial for those seniors who suffer from various medical conditions, such as arthritis, rheumatism, and emphysema.
  • Community lifestyle – Living in a retirement villa means never having to be alone. The beautiful climate and the feeling of community will encourage a more relaxed way of life.
  • Cost of living – One of the prime motivators for retirees to move to a Spanish villa is the cost of living. Many seniors are able to enjoy a higher standard of living.
  • Excellent medical services – Not only does Spain offer exceptional medical services, but for the majority of those who are of retirement age and receive a pension, services are free.
  • Numerous activities – Whether you are an avid golfer, birdwatcher, or you favor some other pasttime, you may feel as if you’ve hit the jackpot at a Spanish retirement villa.

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